Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: Slovak Republic

1. Intro   
2. Music Is My Life (feat. Nironic)   
3. Get Low (feat. S.A.S)   
4. V Tvojej Hlave (feat. H16)   
5. Hip Hop Ide Hore (Monopol) [feat. Rytmus]   
6. Money Money Get It Get It (feat. Young De)   
7. Really Real (feat. Meloe Melodic)   
8. Movement (feat. Evidence, S.A.S & Stephano Moses)   
9. Bůh (feat. Hugo Toxxx)   
10. Tell Me (feat. Gigi Gabor)   
11. Do It Big (feat. Affiliated Soldierz)   
12. Forbidden (feat. Rasco & Zpu)   
13. Mantra   
14. Skener (feat. Suvereno)   
15. Get Low (Remix) [feat. S.A.S]   
16. 22 (feat. Nironic & C-Bugz)

Location: Belarus

Rock This (feat. Lagato Shine & Sol Ace)
Friends Pt. II (feat. Undeniable & Merc The Big Body Benz)
Grenades (feat. Gunz Borgia & Decaf Black)
Closure (feat. Eternal The MC & Endless Will)
High & Die (feat. Verse & Poison Pen)
Mouth Breathers (feat. Tab & Taboo)
Self Destruction (feat. Rem Steel, Jon Blaq, BiXop, Lyric Divine, Precyce Politix, Lena Jackson, J. Bully & Seven Da Pantha)

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: Lagos, Nigeria

1. Esoteric Mellow (The Arrival)
2. Sound Bwoy Killa
3. Kaiser Flow
4. Mystery Girl (ZillaRemix)
5. Black Vampire
6. Polymath
7. Journey Of An Artform
8. SuperHuman Feat. Canibus (ZillaRemix)
9. Club Story
10. Thirty Two Bars
11. Don’t Move To Me
12. Collage Feat. Awkword
13. Walk On By
14. Polymath (ZillaRemix)

Dutch producer Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha linked up with the respected Queens, NY veteran duo 40-40 (Last Measure & L.E.O.) to bring you the brand new EP ’40 Bonez’.The 3 musicians prove that they can deliver a very versatile sound over 7 tracks.
All the featured artists on this album are coming from the Voodoo Docterz camp! Both L.E.O. and Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha are part of Voodoo Docterz, so it was a logical move to feature some VDZ family on the project.

Enjoy and support them fam!

Location: The Netherlands – USA

I Told That
Mannequins (Ft. ILLtemper)
Not Enough Love (Ft. Hollow Jack)
The Tree Of Life
Soultakers (Ft. Ciphurphace & Silentmind)
Rise N Shine (Lullaby the Outro)

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: Budapest, Hungary

1. Where U From (Ft. Ill Proceeja) [NL]
2. Tell Me (Ft. Imagery) [UK]
3. Back Home (Ft. Flow’etic) [CH]
4. Right Time (Ft. Mic Bles) [US]
5. Do Without Who (Ft. Mr Noun) [SE]
6. Never Going Back (Ft. Mkiza) [DK]
7. What You Got (Ft. MC FÜBB) [CAN]

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