Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Finland

1. Alone Again (Instrumental)
2. Your Love Is Too Cold (Instrumental)
3. Bobby’s Mood (Instrumental)
4. Should I Take You Home (Instrumental)
5. Falling In Love (Instrumental)
6. Lonely Girl (Instrumental)
7. This Love (Instrumental)
8. Deja Vu (Instrumental)
9. Down On My Knees (Instrumental)
10. There Can Be No Love (Instrumental)


Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Netherlands

1. Project X (feat. Patrice & Golden Erra Beatz)   
2. Extase (feat. Jr De Regelneger, Thee & Fred Killah)   
3. Laat Je Horen (feat. Tim Beumers & Siroj)   
4. Ik Doe Dit (feat. Jimmy G, Huck Vinn & Killing Skills)   
5. Maanlicht (feat. An Le Grande, Djeekee & Robin Da Landlord)   
6. Brag & Boast (feat. Dopaganda & Patrice)   
7. Zieke Zuiden Wilde Westen (feat. Skenkie & Flek)   
8. Toi Toi Toi (feat. Ad Rem & Benzie)   
9. Ze Doen Niet Meer Mee (feat. Skenkie, Don Deal & P.apebeats)   
10 Dichterbijmezelf (feat. Robin Da Landlord & Vonk)   
11. De Buren (feat. Skenkie, Don deal & P.apebeats)   
12. Ademnood (feat. Skenkie & Brenx)   
13. Heads Voelen Dit (feat. Djd-Incredible, Ad Rem, Skenkie & Flek)   
14. Ill-Legit 4 Life (feat. Anonymouz & Nizzy Beats)   
15. Smerig (feat. Koester, Pro6verbaal, Kaascouse & Dopaganda)


Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Nigeria

1. Sit Down [Intro]
2. Beware Pt. 2 (Ft. Prophecy)
3. Nuff Said
4. Grimiest
5. Daz Ma Vibe (Ft. Pupa Tee)
6. Lemme Know (Ft. Amuta Stone)
7. Being A Nigerian [BAN]
8. Unnecessary Roughness
9. Vintage [Interlude]
10. Rainy Dayz
11. On Ma Own [OMO]
12. Emcee
13. Shady Industry (Ft. ModeNine)


Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA/Mexico

1. Obsidian Blades (feat. 2nd Born Son)   
2. Raw Evolution (feat. Phrase)   
3. Horrid Tale (feat. Merv)   
4. A Mad Man (feat. Sac One)   
5. The War Chief (feat. Angrymonk)   
6. Dotcom.Odditi (feat. UBO)   
7. Got Bars (feat. Nine, Thun Mantys & Biz)


Location: New Zealand

Intro ( The Young & then Restless ) f. Jako
M.O.P.E (My own personal escape)
The Melody f. Jewelz
’91 Steez (Dee Brown)
Don’t stop ( Comic Fiends ) f. King Box
The Untouchables f. Pyro
Interlude # 1 ( Origins )
Beats, Rhymes & Light f. Shadowstar Boxer
No holds bars f. Green Goblin
Muddy Waters
Interlude # 2 ( Snakes in the grass)
The Black Dog
The then & the now
Who I be f. Jewelz
*Bonus Track* – Rubix f. Restless – C.R.E.E.M (Cash rules everything except me)


Location: Malawi

It’s been a minute
White Walkers ft Tru-Fix
Supreme Rulers ft Prev-L
Mother Nature
Dum Dum Bullet ft Deep Brain
Believe ft Genetix
Goons Territory ft Khingi & Sage Poet
Everything They Do
That Jazzy Fellin’ ft Hopeson
The Chronicles of I.M Artz
Street Wisdom ft Sergius, Prev-L
Untouchables ft Sage Poet, Sergius
Slice of Life
New Day
Boom-Bap lives on ft Day One
Last Memory of Peace
Champions Arena (Outrology) ft Street Knowledge, Prime, Commodore, Tru-fix & Cyantist

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