Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

1. The Boom Bap Bandit (Produced by Empne, Cuts by POT)
2. The Rap Game Feat. Diabolic (Produced by POT, Cuts by Sizzor Hands)
3. Raising the Standard (Produced by Empne, Cuts by POT)
4. Big Brother Feat. SafarI (Produced by Empne)
5. Love Sick (Produced by Anno Domini beats)
6. No Justice Feat. Dice Mak (Produced by Empne, Cuts by Tha Cutt)
7. Occupy the Food Supply (Produced by Empne, Cuts by POT)
8. Bhadala Baba feat. Anti-Bullshit (Produced by Empne)

Location: SouthAfrica

DIRTmuSICK feat. Death FM
Perception feat. Jay Stash
Deadly Lecture feat. Caper & Rustee Juxx
Glad That You Left (Remix)
Cutthroats feat. Authority
Ancient Torture Methods feat. Dead Right There
Eight-2-Five feat. DJ Solyd & DJ Cue 1
God TaiChi feat. Skampoe, Caper & Smarts
Kick In The Door (Freestyle)
Heads or Tails feat. Vov

Location: SouthAfrica

Back & Forth feat. Entity (Freestyle)
Purgatory feat. Entity & Chron Burgundy (Prod. MSB)
When Tides Collide feat. Entity (Prod. Mani Deiz)
’99 (Prod. MikosBeatz)
Time Line feat. Entity «Freestyle»
Higher Power (Prod. BBZ Darney)
Rhyme God (Prod. Duxxomaniac)
Big Bad Wolf feat. Entity «Freestyle»
Hell Yeah feat. Kriss Anti B &Century (Prod. Bearded Skull)

Location: SouthAfrica

Glad That You Left (Prod. BorodaBeat)
Two Evils feat. Entity (Prod. Art Aknid)
Not Your Fault feat. Entity «Freestyle»
Words feat. Entity (Prod. Noise System)
We Don’t Give A Fuck feat. Entity «Freestyle»
Spit Classics feat. Entity «Freestyle»
Real As It Gets feat. Entity (Prod. BBZ Darney)
I Need Help feat. Entity «Freestyle»
Fast Fumes feat. Entity (Prod. Noise System)
Brain On Drugs feat. Entity «Freestyle»

Location: USA – The Netherlands

‘Nearvana’ is the collaborative EP between Florida based MC Eclyse, who is originally English and Dutch producer Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha. ‘Nearvana’ will take you on the road to inner peace. Including all the struggles you will find on this path. Nirvana is near!

State Of Mind
Soul Searching
Chin Up
Path To Light
Look Inside

Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Switzerland

1. Intro feat. Chuck D
2. Underground Kingpin feat. Mahmoud Ragab Omar
3. Montana Syndrome
4. Contra feat. Jahi
5. Spit
6. Firestorm feat. Tak
7. Ironfist feat. Firebird
8. Another Sphere
9. A Better Place feat. Junior Lawless
10. Drugs
11. Supersonic
12. Fists of the Cyrax feat. Iceski
13. Titanhunters feat. Kid Lyrical
14. Iceflame
15. Outro

Quality: 320Kbps Location: España-Chile

Como un Caballo Negro
Lugares Comunes (feat. Nosecuenta, Laura Gómez & Felamusic)
Puro Recuerdo
El Verso Libre (feat. Rxnde Akozta)
Un Día Gris (feat. Dj Perez)
Camina o Revienta
Estaba Escrito ft DJ Sobe & Felamusic
Quitando y Poniendo (feat. Cirujano & Felamusic)
Pequeña Muerte (feat. Laura Gómez)
Pensamiento Suicida (feat. Dj Cidtronyck)
Tiempo o Dinero (feat. Al2 el Aldeano & Felamusic)
Despedida y Cierre


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