Location: Brazil

1.UB RL (Intro) (Prod. DJ Goforit)
2.Kolizão A.B.C. – Guardiões do Submundo (Prod. Underground Matagal)
3.Imortais – Conexão Com o Infinito (Prod. Sóbrio & Diogo Ogo)
4.Phantom – Kranio$ (Prod. Rodzilla)
5.Zero Fox – Somos (Prod. Rapper Gilmar)
6.Organização QI – Quem Resistirá (Prod. Thinkman)
7.Goldman – Eu Vejo Cristo (Prod. Dekaos M5E)
8.Acme S.A.M. & DJ Elvis – Área de Risco (Prod. Rajada Beats)
9.Enbs1 & Rultiplo – The Lyrical Fat Cap (Prod. Enbs1)
10.Mago – Leões da Babilônia (Prod. Underground Matagal)
11.Sacerdote Semmantiko – Território Macabro do Sacerdote(Prod. Semmantiko Beats)
12.Enigmatiko – Verborragia ao Contrário (Prod. Enigmatiko)
13.Casperoots – Água (Feat. Psitrancoso) (Prod. Velvo)
14.Pro & Amanda Sgarbi – Outono Concreto (Prod. Pepalantuz)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

01. IntroDoomDaWiz and Cuban Pete
02. Funky Dope Producer -Doom Da Wiz
3. Da Formula03. DoomDaWiz ft. JaRajeem, Raw Deff and DJ Erex
04 A Few Of These Rappers-DoomDaWiz ft. The Good People
The Hellfire Club-DoomDaWiz ft. Shorty Sha, Nam Nitty, Will Mac and DJ Kool Nez
06. The BestDoomDaWiz ft. Ed OG, Marquee and Eldasensei
07. Listen Closely-DoomDaWiz ft.Learic, Raw Deff and DJ Erex
08. Get It-DoomDaWiz ft. JaRajeem and Joe Mack
09. Meet Will Mac-DoomDaWiz ft. Will Mac and DJ Erex
10.Glass Bubble-DoomDaWiz ft. Peter Sparker and Villa G
11. 413 (Everything Is Real In Da Field) -DoomDaWiz ft. LS Camp and JaRajeem
12. Hard – DoomDaWiz ft.Villa G and Mayhem
13.Disease – DoomDaWiz ft. Mike Malik and Will Mac
14. Fly Wit Da Spits – DoomDaWiz ft.LS Camp and JaRajeem
15. Look At This Nigga Here – DoomDaWiz ft. NDakut and DaCrooklynDodger –
16.Tear Da Roof Off – DoomDaWiz ft.Mikey D and Bad Seed
17. A Few Of These Rappers (The Good People Remix). – DoomDaWiz ft. The Good People – (Bonus Track)

Location: Argentina, Chile, Italia

1.Menesed & Giant Versey – World Wide (Feat. Dj Roc P)
2.Giant Versey – Real Love
3.Menesed – Rock da’ Mic (Feat. Dj Ropo)
4.Menesed & Giant Versey – World Wide (Feat. Dj Roc P) (Acapella 88 BPM)
5.Giant Versey – Real Love (Acapella 86 BPM)
6.Menesed – Rock da’ Mic (Feat. Dj Ropo) (Acapella 86 BPM)

Location: Austria

1.Figaro (Mr. Freed – Remix)
2.My Favorite Ladies (Mr. Freed – Remix)
3.2 Stings feat. Westside Gunn (Mr. Freed – Remix)
4.Blendcrafters (DJ Nu-Mark & Pomo) feat. MF DOOM – Melody (Mr. Freed Remix)
5.Vomit (Mr. Freed – Remix)
6.Figaro (Mr. Freed – Remix Instrumental)
7.My Favorite Ladies (Mr. Freed – Remix Instrumental)
8.2 Stings feat. Westside Gunn (Mr. Freed – Remix Instrumental)
9.Melody (Mr. Freed – Remix Instrumental)
10.Vomit (Mr. Freed – Remix Instrumental)

Location: New Zealand

1.We On That – feat Substance & CMT
2.Out Of Touch – feat Twisted Surgeon
3.Never Give Up – feat Substance
4.High Now – feat Godmode
5.Masters Of The Globe – feat Substance & Godmode
6.Fragile – feat Sam Willer
7.True MC – feat Substance

Location: Indonesia

1.Klive Kraven – True Hatred (Part 4) (Produced By Spion Liape)
2.Fubar – Drop Of Blood (Feat. Grozwel) (Produced By Spion Liape)
3.Supreme The Truth – Ancient Amulets (Produced By Spion Liape)
4.Raheem DaDream – After The Storm (Cuts By SkinnyBonez Tha Godfatha) (Produced By Spion Liape)
5.Cuban Pete – Dark Leader (Feat. Samuel Tafari) (Produced By Spion Liape)
6.Pryme Prolifik – Monster (Produced By Spion Liape)
7.Silentmind – The Return (Feat. Tak Da Critic) (Produced By Spion Liape)
8.Klive Kraven – I Am The Warlord (Produced By Spion Liape)
9.Fubar & Samuel Tafari – Sealed Fate (Feat. Father Focus Confucius) (Cuts By DJ Madhandz) (Produced By Spion Liape)
10.Silentmind – Potato (Feat. Trellion) (Produced By Spion Liape)
11.Illtemper & King Gordy – Dead Brain (Produced By Spion Liape)
12.Cuban Pete – Tactical Strikes (Feat. SpiderDaGod) (Produced By Spion Liape)
13.Edd Bundy – Rogues (Feat. Supreme The Truth, Father Focus Confucius, Rated R & Dr Creep) (Cuts By DJ TMB) (Produced By Spion Liape)
14.Silentmind – Close Out (Feat. Tak Da Critic, MOmentum, Rock Dizzmall & Premi Hendrix) (Produced By Spion Liape)
15.Fubar – Unreleased Verse (Produced By Spion Liape) (Bonus Track)
16.Illtemper – Fuck Commercial Rap (Feat. Donny G) (Produced By Spion Liape) (Bonus Track)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Nemesis
2. Black Flag
3. Underdogs Day (feat. Slaine)
4. Spy Novel
5. Lion Heart (feat. Sammy Slugga & Destro)
6. Dexterz Lab
7. Ghost Town (feat. Carolina Cracker)
8. Out of the Woods (feat. Sammy Slugga, Destro, Jacc D. Frost & Carolina Cracker)
9. Mana Vault
10. Balls of Clay (feat. WeaponLord)
11. Underdogs Day Remix (feat. Slaine Remix) (Remix)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Bulgaria – Beat Tape

1. Soldering Moon
2. A Host of Voices
3. Second Sun
4. All Is Well
5. Stormcloudz
6. Fight On
7. Message From The Mystix
8. Tarot Kit
9. Testament
10. Miles From Nowhere
11-. A Look At The World
12. How She Do
13. Old Well
14. Lunar Carnivore
15. Hand Of Budha
16. A Place Called Hope
17. Solemn Promise
18. Dance Of The Shadow Demons

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