Quality: 320Kbps Location: Italy-USA

Intro (ft DJ KB)
The Wall of Sound (ft Mike Dodaro Sr.)
Can’t Take It Anymore (ft Ras Kass, Checkmait, Dane Kelly)
Quotable Funk (ft Ras Kass, Doc Remedy, Caustic Logic, DJ Snifta)
P.I.G.S. (Police Injustice Generates Slavery)
Bring The Carnage (ft The Game, Fatha Death)
Words of A Martyr
Climbing The Globe (ft Maylay Sparks, Young B, & Fatha Death)
Politrix (ft Dr. iLL & Powder of Grindhouse Gang, Rakaa of Dilated Peoples, DJ Uncino)
Reminiscin (ft Oyoshe)
Pair A’ Dice Em (ft Marvone)
DeCypher (ft Fes Taylor, Fatha Death, Powder Jones, & Gutta Damus)
Act A Fool (ft Bigg Limn & Antonio Chance)
The Altar of Darkness (ft Kanis Lu)
Dead Zone
Keep It True
If You Love The Culture (ft Fatha Death) (Oyoshe RMX)
Ravage Ya Crew

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: Italy

1. Cravatta Colombiana (feat. Madchild & C-Lance)
2. Bam Bam Bigelow (feat. C-Lance)
3. Gengis Khan (feat. Ningen)
4. 1808 (feat. Ningen)
5. Immortal Man (feat. Astio & C-Lance)
6. Due Spicci (feat. Sticky Fingaz & Kuma19)
7. Gingerbread Man (feat. I.O.R.I.A. & C-Lance)
8. James H. (feat. Kuma19)
9. Monsters (feat. Sean Strange, I.O.R.I.A., Whyisn’t & Kuma19)
10. Monongah (feat. Whyisn’t & C-Lance)
11. Faccia Pallida (feat. Ningen)
12. Accattoni (feat. Twisted Insane & Kif Kiffen)
13. Hide Track (feat. Kidd Peko)

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