Location: Berlin, Germany

01 Moontroop – The Dash
02 Superior – Buttercream ft. NDA & Sane Crazy
03 Strangelove – Baloney
04 Cometeers – Perm Deploitment
05 Hey!Zeus – Built It ft. Teknical Development.IS
06 Dramadigs – Landvogt & Ein Brief VonYves
07 Mecstreem – H120B
08 Supreme Sol – Pray To Your Priest (prod. B-Side)
09 Figub Brazlevic – Shadows In The City
10 S.Fidelity – Dawgs ft. Galv & Rino Mandingo
11 digitalluc – Filth
12 Juse Ju – Pausenhoflogik Instrumental (prod. Bluestaeb)
13 Thelonius Coltrane – Any MC
14 Yoho (Galv & Fuzzl) – Ich Geb’ Dir Mein Wort
15 Kids Of The Stoned Age – Plastike Chirugie
16 Figub Brazlevix – Hard To Take ft. Noritsu
17 Philanthrope – Herbalize
18 HexOne – Just Us (prod. Figub Brazlevic)
19 Christmaz – Crystal Cypher
20 Figub Brazlevic – A (Loop) Tribute To Summer Madness
21 Sonne Ra – Im Fluss
22 Kurd,Y – The Knock Knock Remix
23 Mono :Massive – Strong Circle
24 Marcus B. – One Down
25 John Known – Niemandsland ft. Galv (prod. Figub Brazlevic)
26 Demograffics – Still Raw
27 MC Cheek & Moacyr – Lone Runner (prod. Jaynu Vega)
28 Ozoyo – Morning In The Forest
29 Comfort Fit – Curvy Candies


Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Germany

1. Intro
2. Enter the Army (feat. Killarmy)
3. I Go Hard (feat. Fellpeepz)
4. God Frequency (feat. Aslaam Mahdi)
5. Bronx Brooklyn Express (feat. Smoothe da hustler, Nine & Brisk Fingaz)
6. Dirty Samurai (feat. Knucklez)
7. Joell Ortiz Revision (feat. Taiyamo Denku)
8. Wack Rappers (feat. Caos)
9. Shotz at Them (feat. Harry Fuche)
10. No Sleep (feat. Cool from the Ave)
11. Fly Swordsman (feat. Rec Ali)
12. Movements (feat. Rock Mecca)
13. Lampin’ (feat. Kinetic9 & Cool Peepz)
14. Ill Curriculum (feat. Mic Bles)
15. Grown Man Rap (feat. Uncle Bungle)
16. Heroes for Hire (feat. Elementree & Dani-El Uriah)
17. Meine Welt (feat. Man Behind the Sun)
18. Hrs Generals (feat. Hidden & M-Acculate)
19. Illegal (feat. 308)
20. Master the Art (feat. Kinetic9)


Location: Cologne, Germany

Props to Illogic

One Two
Flow with the Piano
Musical Progression Pt.2
Music makes u
Saxy Hornz
Welcome to da Beatdrome
East to the west (The Producer)
Give the 808 some
Pure Dope
Kingston Breakdown
Beatz4Life (The RZ1 Massaka)
Good enough
The Worlds Most Famous Classic
Godamn fonky
Island Beat
All I wanna do
Dirty Jazz
Doin’ business
Prince of Swing
Chop the James


Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA/Germany

1. Passion Of The V (Remix)
2. Who Are You (Remix)
3. Starlight
4. $12.50 (Remix) Cutz by DJ Danetic
5. Dream Team ft. Reef The Lost Cauze
6. Slumdogs
7. The Limit
8. Rear Naked Choke (Cutz by DJ Danetic)
9. Authentic (Remix)
10. Dizzy Dreamz (Remix)
11. Growing Pains (Remix) Cutz by DJ Danetic
12. Almost Famous (Remix)
13. All In Your Mind ft. Savage Brothers
14. Ya Heard? (Remix)
15. Heat
16. Desperate (Remix)
17. Beastiality (Remix)
18. The Change Up (Remix)
19. Kid U Not (Remix)
20. Dance Of The Damned (Remix)
21. Hangover ft. Slim DSM (Remix)
22. Starlight (Black Luger Remix)


Quality: 320Kbps Location: Germany – Denmark

Goon Infantry ft Ill Bill, Nems, Sicknature, Nocturnal & DJ Illegal
Deli Cut ft CRIMEAPPLE, Sean Strange, Flee Lord & DJ Tray
4 Stripes ft Jay Royale, Fel Sweetenberg, Illa Ghee & Ali Vegas
The 90s Are Back Pt. 2 ft AG, PMD, Smoothe Da Hustler, Mr Cheeks, Edo G, El Da Sensei, Drayz (Das EFX), Outloud (Blahzay Blahzay & Craig G
It’s Jamo ft Jamo Gang (Ras Kass, J57 & El Gant)
Cold Facts ft Reef The Lost Cauze, Mooch & Skrewtape
Real Like That ft Big Noyd, Estee Nack & DJ Robert Smith
Rugged Never Smooth ft Apathy, Celph Titled, Dope DOD & DJ Crypt
Where We Started From ft N.B.S.
Golden Era ft Ill Conscious, Jay Nice & Fredro Starr
Supa Goons ft Supa Kaiju (Sicknature & Napoleon Da Legend)
Wardance ft Recognize Ali, Goretex & DJ TMB
White Camouflage ft AnkhleJohn
Dragon Blood ft Nine & Ruste Juxx
Honesty & Hard Work ft Rigz & RJ Payne
Exquisite ft K-Prez
Bad Generals ft Eto, Ren Thomas & Diggieman
The Struggle Box ft Shyheim, iNTell & Mr Erbie
Murderer’s Move ft Rome Streetz, SickFlo & DJ Sixkay
Criminal Thoughts ft Elcamino, Scott G, Madhattan & FastLife
Blessings ft Shadez Of Brooklyn & Fokis


Quality: 320Kbps Location:Munich, Germany

To The Fullest [Original 12 Finger Dan version] ft. 12 Finger Dan, Stevie Drumz
To The Fullest [Rekless remix version] ft. Roger Rekless, Ningu Storm, Boshi San, Al Rock
To The Fullest [Roccwell remix version] ft. Mykill Miers, Roccwell, DJ Aspect
To The Fullest [Original 12 Finger Dan version instrumental] ft. 12 Finger Dan, Stevie Drumz
To The Fullest [Rekless remix version instrumental] ft. Roger Rekless, Ningu Storm, Boshi San, Al Rock
To The Fullest [Roccwell remix version instrumental] ft. Roccwell, DJ Aspect


Quality: 320Kbps Location: Germany-England

Move With Us (feat. Bad FX & DJ Educut)
Take A Flight (feat. Noritsu)
The Terradome (feat. DJ Educut)
Memories & Flowers (feat. Tesla Alset)
Nothing to Forgive (feat. derkalavier)
Short Before (feat. Tesla Alset)
Strictly 4 All (feat. Wanja Janeva)
Build Together (feat. Bad FX, Tesla Alset & DJ Educut)
You Want It… You Got It (feat. Wanja Janeva)
Blind Fire
Weed Flower Pot Heads (feat. Tesla Alset & DJ Educut)
(Drum) Pattern of the Stange (feat. Spacekonsta)

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