Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Australia

1. Ching Rock, Shookz, Strike Won – Maintain Prod. By Pyrex
2. Mos Hated – Street Grime Prod. By Shookz
3. Strike Won, Shookz, Peeps – Shutter Island Prod. By Shookz
4. Aetcix – Head Fulla Zombie Prod. By Aetcix
5. Profits – Teeth Prod. By Shookz
6. Strate UP – Blood & Loyalty
7. How Many Deep x Reel Wolf *Suspect, Resin* (Canada) – Wolves Of Oz Prod. By Sentury Status
8. Big Sid, Shookz, Strike Won – Juliette Prod. By Shookz
9. Shookz – Bloodline Prod. By Shookz
10. Strike Won, Profits – Prison Planet Prod. By Skitzo
11. Mad Max – Waiting All Night Prod. By Shookz
12. Strike Won Ft. Pete Hird – Soldier Prod. By Shookz
13. Mad Max, Jahheim, Strike Won – Contagion Prod. By Skitzo
14. How Many Deep x Defynt Music Australia – Deeply Defynt Prod. By Shookz
15. Ching Rock, Shookz, Strike Won – Melbourne To Manhattan (Got That Fyah) Prod. By Pyrex
16. Shookz, Struhs – Life Prod. By Shookz
17. Strike Won, Mad Max – Revelations Prod. By Skitzo
18. Shookz, Ching Rock, Dirty Serb, Aetcix, Mos Hated, Profits, Strike Won – Moonshine Writers Prod. By Pyrex
19. Mos Hated – Spazmatic – Bonus* Prod. By Shookz
20. Strike Won Ft. Dirty Serb – Frontline – Bonus* Prod. By Sinks
21. Mos Hated, Shookz – Gutterslang – Bonus* Prod By Shookz
22. Strike Won – Break Ya Cipher Ft. Peter Hird – Bonus* Prod. By Shookz
23. Strike Won, Jahheim – Terroristix – Bonus* Prod. By Skitzo

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Aussie

1.Supply Demand Prod. By Denno
2.Knowledge Ft. Strike Won Swiftboi Prod. By Rubix
3.Fear & Loathing Ft. Shaz Ill York Prod By. Rubix
4.Paradise Lost Ft. Strike Won Prod. By Rubix
5.Visions Ft. Strike Won, Mad Max Prod. By Shookz
6.Pass The Loot Ft. Haytch Prod. By Rubix
7.Past Tense Ft. Strike Won Prod. By Rubix
8.Cruel Intentions (Remix) Prod. By Kha

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: Australia

1. Time Traveller
2. Tame Mosez (Feat O.T) – Goofy Shit (Feat O.T)
3. Sydney City
4. Crime wave
5. Tame Mosez (Feat Ruste Juxx And Jaybizness) – Beast In A Nightmare
6. 100 Metre Dash
7. Tame Mosez (Feat Rorz One) – Jump Man
8. Sneaker Head
9. Liverpool Boom Bap
10. Creep Low
11. Sex Fiend
12. It Goes Like This
13. Roll It Up
14. Van Gogh

Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA-Australia

Undying Shadow
The Weapons Lab
The Bourne Legacy
Sleeper Cell
Man of the Hour
Assassin Money
Contract Kills
The Death Blow

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Australia

Operation : Molten Heat Ft. June Marx
Taken Ft. RedBaren907
Suicide Run Ft. Lone Ninja
The Burial Ft. June Marx & Bigs
Deadly Assassins Ft. Kinetic 9 & Lone Ninja
Chosen Path Ft. Bigs & Koziosko
Rep The Raw Ft. Blase & Asker

Quality: 320Kbps Location: Australia

Dr Seuss ft. Flu
Bad Habits ft. Micall Parknsun & Confucius MC
The Holy Ghost ft. Nelson Dialect
Fuck the Arcade ft. Jehst & Mata
Chemical Haze ft. Adam Koots, One Sixth & Joe Snow
The Source ft. Ramson Badbonez
Raining in the Hood ft. Mongo
Underwater Landslide
Nothing ft. Joe Snow
About That Time ft. Maundz
Walking Dead ft. Soma
No Days Off ft. Dyl Thomas
Foul Creature ft. Adam Koots
Earth Jewelz ft. Aslan
King of the Slouch ft. MNSR Frites
Five Minutes
Psychedelic Purple ft. SonnyJim
Reset Button ft. Kosyne
M.F.T.C Shit ft. Remus & Chester P
Write the Future ft. Adam Koots
Revolutions ft. Joker Starr, AnyWay Tha God & OphQi
Every Block ft. Gutz & Maggot Mouf

01. The Real Deal
02. Milk Crates
03. Extra Extra
04. Pink Shirts
05. White Shirts
06. March The 5th (Ft. Fluent Form)
07. No Concern
08. Lamens Term (Ft. Shawn Lov)
09. Mr Nobody
10. Possibilities (Ft. Deece)
11. Game Turn (Ft. Verbal Kent And Briggs)
12. Agent 99
13. What?s Happnin
14. She?s Gone
15. Lipstick
16. Keyboard Warriors (Ft. Nevaless And Fat Ho)
17. The Campaign

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