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Location: France

G8abak «Gladigator» (cuts by DJ Trickalome)
Genghis Khan, Unconscious Rascall & Qualm «Visions of Death»
Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz «Eye is the King» (cuts by DJ Eclipse)
Ill Bill «Acceptance Speech» (cuts by A-Trak)
Genocide feat. Vinnie Paz «Conspiracy of Silence»
Slantsight & Judge D «Hindsight»
Critical & Mygrane Mc Nastee «Low Budget Movie»
Spit Gemz «Al Swearengemz»
Jedi Mind Tricks feat. Blacastan «F**k Ya Life» (cuts by DJ Kwestion)
CF «Terminate on Site»
Esoteric, Nightwalker & Nems «Murder story» (cuts by DJ Nix’on)
Heddshotts «Search & Destroy» (cuts by DJ Slipwax)
Genghis Khan feat. Indrid Cold «Road Rage»
IDE feat. Alucard «Organize»
Diabolic «Alien Manuscript»
Fatha Death «Makhno Anthem» (cuts by DJ Nix’on)
Diabolic «Piss and Vinegar»
Heddshotts «Walk on the moon»
Ill Bill feat. Goretex «Omar Suarez»

Location: Sweden

Past Beyond
277 Asprin
Chili Con Fusion
Shinobi Medi
City Sleeps Disturbed
Hustle The Puzzle
Under The Below
Inzombia Blues
Arlington´s Box

Collection Of Thoughts

Location: Malawi

Introspect (Prod. Venom)
In$pirxtion (Prod. Venom)
Good Man (Prod. Venom)
Dr.Maya Angelou’s Interlude (Prod. Self Defence)
Love & Hate (Prod. Venom)
The Light (Prod. Venom)
Questions (Prod. Venom)
Omali Yeshitela’s Interlude (Prod. Self Defence)
Parabellum (Prod. Self Defence)
Outro (Prod. Self Defence)

Location: USA – The Netherlands

‘Nearvana’ is the collaborative EP between Florida based MC Eclyse, who is originally English and Dutch producer Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha. ‘Nearvana’ will take you on the road to inner peace. Including all the struggles you will find on this path. Nirvana is near!

State Of Mind
Soul Searching
Chin Up
Path To Light
Look Inside

Location: Italy

Priorità (intro) (Prod. Sick Rat)
Scene (Prod. Doctrine)
Too many (Prod. Sick Rat)
Cronaca cronica (Prod. Sick Rat)
Rit-ratto (Prod. Sick Rat)
Psicoanalisi del ratto (Prod. Sick Rat)
L’ingegnere dentro (Prod. Sick Rat)
Regista senza attori (Prod. Sick Rat)
Dissapor e disappunt (Prod. Nameless)
Scazzi (feat. Bob Zef) (Prod. Bob Zef)
Role models (feat. Cedric Till) (Prod. Sick Rat)
Sbronzo zapping (Prod. Sick Rat)

Location: Birmingham, UK

Cheese Intro
Jamil Honesty ft Supreme Cerebral & Squeegio – Marines
Codenine – Flyenigma
Tryf Bindope ft Jamil Honesty – Boombox
Cheese Reality Stone skit
Chong Wizard, Hus Kingpin & SmooVth – Wilson Fisk meets Manny Merengues 03:
Cousin Feo & Lord Juco – Turkish Empires
Brumshit beat-erlude
Yellow Balaclava x HobGoblin Beats Ft Josiah The Gift – Vegeta Vs Jiren
K.Burns – WeU$ ft 318Cha$e (prod by Hobgoblin)
Southern Vangard skit
Chong Wizard, D Brash, Johnny Gunnz & Exclusive – Savage Land
Jamil Honesty X Hobgoblin ft Ace Cannons – Striving For Perfection
Hus Kingpin – Hannibal Hus HOBGOBLIN remix
Chrome Radio skit
St Ivan The Terrible – Dreams
Aurieloheem – Western
Jamil Honesty – U Kno
Farma skit
Ace Cannon – The End

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