Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Netherlands

3.Basking In Awesomeness (feat. Mister Personal)
4.Guardians Of Hiphop (feat. D.D.O.G)
5.The Galaxy (feat. Edo. G & Ras Kass)
6.Lyrical Meditation (feat. Mister Personal)
7.You Are Not Alone
8.When The Stars Align (feat. Selena in the Chapel & Reverie)
9.Like Wow
10.Unfazed (feat. Wrekonize)

Quality: 320 Kbps  – Location: USA

01. A Dove In The Snake Pit (Intro) (prod. by William Bostick)
02. Quicksand (prod. by William Bostick)
03. Movement Is Medicine (prod. by Super Bueno)
04. Jungle Gym feat. Gorilla Nems (prod. by Brenx)
05. Oh, Judas (Interlude)
06. Dear Mr Iscariot (prod. by Level 13)
07. Polluted Youth (prod. by Nem Nieves)
08. Summit Series feat. Broken Home (prod. by Non Descript)
09. The Shovel (prod. by Termanology & Melks)
10. Guilty Until Proven Dead (prod. by William Bostick)

Location: USA

1.What Up World
2.H.O.R.E. (Hickeys On The Run Eatin’)
3.Peace Lord
6.Mad Times ft. Hocus 45th
7.Who U Are
9.Large Pupils ft. Spit Gemz
10.PSA From Joccusto
11.Bill Or Reagan ft. Joccusto
12.North Korea
13.Subway Series ft. Whispers
14.5 Boro Tour
15.Dead Kennedys ft. Eff Yoo
16.Old NY

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1.All That Shines
2.Bottom of the Barrel
3.Diamond in the Rough
4.Dragon Slayer
5.Foot in the Grave
7.In the Dirt
8.Rot In Peace
9.Slave to Music
10.Of the Fittest
12.It’s A Trip

Desde Las Mejores Cloacas , Learning Respect, Cause and Effect Nothing to Expect. Strictly Worlwide Underground. All Rights Reserved to Alcarallo Records © . There Is No Game, Only Victory

1. Atum – Originoo
2. Fat Joe – Find Out (ft. Armageddon)
3. Huellas de Barro – BE.ERRE.E.A (Con Wine Y Alma De Nomada)
4. Pharoahe Monch – Simon Says Remix (ft. Roots Manuva & Rodney P)
5. Elio Toffana x Lou Fresco – Azotea
6. Dilated Peoples – Worst Comes To Worst
7. Surekid – Berserk
8. Onyx feat. Gang Green – I’ll Murder You
9. Granuja – Partículas
10. Public Enemy – State of the Union (STFU)
11. Frane – Frio
12. Keith Murray – Most Beautifullest Thing In This World

Radio Justicia viaja a Zaragoza para visitar a uno de los pilares de nuestra cultura, Dj Potas nos brinda una charla que va más allá de ser una entrevista, mostrando su lado más personal repasando tanto su trayectoria radiofónica como el panorama musical de hoy y de ayer. Todo un placer para nosotros compartir esta hora y media llena de risas y buen rollo con un referente que acumula más de 30 años trabajando para que hoy estemos donde estamos, Big Up!

Props to Ruben

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Spain

1.En la fama
2.Ahora me conoces
4.Puerco crudo
5.MC’s enfermos aborígenes (feat. Strike)
8.Donde Estan
10.Cosas Que Pasan
11.Viejos Nuevos (con Sta. Crookz)

Desde Las Mejores Cloacas , Learning Respect, Cause and Effect Nothing to Expect. Strictly Worlwide Underground. All Rights Reserved to Alcarallo Records . There Is No Game, Only Victory

1. Tony Patagonia – Docile Sujetos
2. Sick Jacken – Smoke Homies
3. Castle Money Beats – Search and Destroy (feat. Obnoxious & Brenx)
4. Street Military – Another Hit
5. El Refugio – Jordan Patentes (Rttc Commite Lo’ Remix)
6. Poops – Destroy Mission
7. Ric Branson – City of Gods (feat. Ray Vendetta & Vague)
8. Ragnar Vallon – Will Not Lose – Tyler Hardcastle Walkout Theme
9. Bronco TDF & Ballahtonic – New Militia
10. Omniscence – Church vs State feat. K-Hill
11. Vherbal – Underdog (feat. Str8 Caine)
12. N.B.S. – 2 Zebras

Quality: V0  –  Location: Spain

1.Nuite noire Ft. Champa
2.On the night
3.Saïd Aouita Ft. Ergo Pro & Rizz La
5.Ghetto ringtone
6.Sammy Jankis Ft. Medusa
7.The devil says… Ft. Rizz La
9.Partes del tiempo Ft. Clima
10.Infierno sin gloria
11.Ausgang Ft. Crooz
12.Himara Ft. A.Cheeze
15.El último león del Atlas
16.The Crypt I
17.Merci pour nada
18.1096 Days

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Canada

1.Intro (Welcome Home)
2.He’s Back
3.Die Cypher (feat. Rottin’)
4.The Darkness
5.Brain Dead (feat. Super Famous Fun Time Guys)
7.Look (feat. Red Eye)
8.A Murder Story
9.Sociopath (feat. Staplez & V Sinizter)
10.Straight Jacket
11.Inside of Your Home
12.Black Acid
13.Values (feat. Labrynthine & Bad Mind)

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