Lovic Lovic

Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA

Intro ft. Louie Rankin as Teddy Brukshot
Dyin’ Tonite
Yuh Dun Know
Shot Di Informa
Teddy ft. Innocent? as Mad Max
Paco Jeans Interlude ft Red Platnm as Gabby
Be Prepared
Devil On My Shoulder ft DV Alias Khryst as Dangles
Dem Fallin’
Ox Tales ft Rasheed Chappell as Gussy Gus
Likkle More Interlude ft Red Platnm as Gabby
When It’s Revenge


Quality: 320Kbps Location: España-Chile

Como un Caballo Negro
Lugares Comunes (feat. Nosecuenta, Laura Gómez & Felamusic)
Puro Recuerdo
El Verso Libre (feat. Rxnde Akozta)
Un Día Gris (feat. Dj Perez)
Camina o Revienta
Estaba Escrito ft DJ Sobe & Felamusic
Quitando y Poniendo (feat. Cirujano & Felamusic)
Pequeña Muerte (feat. Laura Gómez)
Pensamiento Suicida (feat. Dj Cidtronyck)
Tiempo o Dinero (feat. Al2 el Aldeano & Felamusic)
Despedida y Cierre



Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA

Stillwell Baby
Loosey Spot On Wheels
Under The Train (Transporting)
Head Over Wheels II (An Ode to G Dep)
The Cheese
Rocket Launch Interlude
My Plane
Getting Off The Plane Interlude
Train Love
Bikes, Bleeps, Busses
Taxi (feat. Quelle Chris) (Bonus)
Vigilantes (Remix) (feat. Wiki) (Bonus)


Location: UK

House Of Flying Daggers
When The Fat Lady Sings
Collector’s Material
Special Delivery
Last Call
P.L.O. Style
The Wind Cries Mary
The Experience
I Don’t Live Today
10 Bricks
Star Spangled Banner
Hey Joe
Tooken Back
It’s Not A Game
The Switch Up
Kiss The Sky
Dirty Fox
I Can’t Wait
Summin Gotz To Give
Street Rap
Burning The Midnight Lamp
What’s Happenin’
The Hood


Quality: 320Kbps Location: Venezuela

Ni Chigüires ni Cobardes Intro
Corre ft El Sucio Crash
Piensa Skit
Caídos ft El Sucio Crash
Tú Confía Skit
De Línea 1 a Línea 3 ft El Sucio Crash
Invisibles ft El Sucio Crash
Mamagxevo Skit
Mercado Negro ft El Sucio Crash


Quality: 320Kbps Location: Switzerland

Main Flow feat. Complex – Changes
Tableek – The Way I Feel
Doap Nixon feat. Chief Kamachi & Rick D – Never Die
I.N.F feat. Rampage – Oldskool to Newskool
Block Mc Cloud feat. Vinnie Paz & King Magnetic – I Told You Twice
Smooth Da Hustler – Freestyle
Kingpin – Lives and Breathes
That Dope Shit
Moka Only – Forward and Back
EQ & Destruct – I Don’t Know Why
Planetary (Outerspace) – Buckets of Blood
Words & Rhymes – Special Updates
Reain – Interlude
Rhymes feat. King Magnetic & Ill Tone – Faces to Faces
Born Talent – Aggravated
Imagery – Visual Lies
Pacewon feat. Rhymes & Main Flow – Just For The Records
Words feat. Copywrite – Cocky Type
Larynx feat. Imagery – Never Loose Touch
Think – Interlude
Buddha Monk – Fright Night
Destruct feat. EQ & Planet Asia – The World We Livin In
Insight – Looking Back


Quality: 320Kbps Location:USA

01 Guillotine(Prod.Showbiz)
02 The gospel(Prod.Showbiz)
03 Boulevard Author (Prod.Showbiz)
04 Chips (Prod.Showbiz)
05 Tears (Prod.Showbiz)
06 Above average (Prod.Showbiz)
07 Champion Sound (Prod.Showbiz)
08 Reminisce (Prod.Showbiz)
09 Stripe bass (Prod.Showbiz)
10 Opportunity (Prod.Showbiz)



Quality: 320Kbps Location:USA

The Entrance video
How It Is (feat. Guilty Simpson & DJ Grazzhoppa)
Gold Coast (feat. BLU)
Epic Tales (feat. Rasheed Chappell)
Nightmares (feat. The Bad Seed & Nowaah The Flood)
No Business Like Dope Business (feat. Jamal Gasol)
Too Cold (feat. Mayhem of EMS & Qronik Jonez)
The Remedy (feat. Teek Hall)
Inquiries of Treasure (feat. Paranom)
Silver Tongue (feat. Junclassic & DJ Grazzhoppa)
Winter Rain (feat. Vic Monroe)
Take Time (feat. Glad2Mecha)

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