Lovic Lovic

Location: Aalborg, Denmark

Props to illogic

Ryger feat. Mikkel Senior
Grinder Penge (Grinder Skunk)
Gider Ikk’ feat. J. Rock
Digger Det Du Digger feat. MC K
T D Her
Kære DanMark
Tabt’ Min Joint
Hvorfor Ryger Du?
Sover Længe (Tjener Penge)


Location: Washington,USA

Summer In Analog ft: Tedy Andreas, Rob Cave, & Von Pea
Thick Like I Like
Out of Pocket
Steal The Bacon
Judy Anton
All Love
Uber Beats
Ocean Front View
Young, Fresh, & Cool ft: Brian Woods


Location: UK

The Technician
Freedom featuring M9
No Antidote
Build & Invest
Past, Present, Future featuring Ray Vendetta
Power Brokers featuring Cons
Mad Runningz 2
Modus Operandi
When We Were Kings
12 Sided Dice Rap
Charlie Sollers
Fire Vs Ice featuring Tesla’s Ghost
Rhino Skin
Life Or Death
Song For My M


Location: Chicago,USA

Reality I
Life Components – Featuring: Agallah The Don
One Dreary Night – Featuring: DreamTek
Heads Know – Featuring: SaveOne & Pride
Uninspired Minds
GODMANMACHINE – Featuring: Roy Hobes
Regardless Of The Outcome – Featuring: Matt Maddox & PozLyrix
Point Of No Return
Majesty Moves – Featuring: Kool G Rap
Preface – Featuring: DreamTek & Scenic Roots
Day Breakers – Featuring: Billie Dee Boodah
Nowhere Without You
Scxles Xnd Fexthers – Featuring: Scenic Roots
Concealed Suppliers – Featuring: Arken Nino & Orel One
Narcos – Featuring: DoomsDay
Ringside – Featuring: Taiyamo Denku
Third Eye Collision – Featuring: Ruste Juxx & DreamTek
Triad Of Death – Featuring: DC The Truth & Billie Dee Boodah
Inside Itself – Featuring: MoodSwangz & Nightwalker
Reality II
Raps In A Suit – Featuring: Pawz One & Slaine
Provoking Riots – Featuring: Venomous 2000 & Clever One


Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA

Grip That Stack (prod. BP)
Take a Trip Part II (prod. BP)
Legendary (prod. BP)
Do Your Thing (prod. BP)
The Realest (prod. BP)
Taking Over (prod. BP)
Still Don’t Give A Fuck (prod. BP) ft Tragedy Khadafi & The Hoodies
Stop Frontin (prod. BP)
Show U How (prod. BP) ft Ali Vegas
Unbreakable (prod. BP)
Never Coming Back (prod. BP)
Do You Love Me (prod. BP)
Rise Above (prod. BP)
Kickin That Real Shit (prod. BP)


Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA

Shaka the Virgo
Shiryu the Dragon ft. Nejma Nefertiti
Bronze Saints
Seiya’s Theme
7th Sense ft. BBass
Wailing Wall
Gold Cloth
Ikki the Phoenix
Love is Love
Athena’s Cry
Soul Prayer


Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA

Solitaire (feat. DJ Robert Smith)
Smoke & Mirrors
Killing Time (feat. DJ Robert Smith)
Black Cloud (feat. Yamin Semali)
Tombstones (feat. Poodie the Byz & U-George)
Blind Loyalty
Someday Soon (feat. Blueprint)


Quality: 320Kbps Location: Baltimore,USA

Abrahamic Authors prod. by Jumbled
In The S.T.R.E.E.T.S. feat. Jay Royale prod. by Mika Dough
Supreme Soloist prod. by DJ Tako
The Coronation feat. Code Nine prod. by Eyeree
Renaissance feat. Ice Lord & AA Rashid prod. by God Yash
Drop A Jewel feat. Recognize Ali – Sage Infinite – DJ TMB prod. by MWP
Represent To The Fullest prod. by DJ Daredevil
295 feat. J Scienide & DJTMB prod. by Mika Dough
Caviar feat. Supreme Cerebral – Jamil Honesty & DJ Grazzhoppa prod. by Eyeree
Self Savior feat. DJ Goadman prod. by Hamorabi
Represent To The Fullest Remix prod. by DJ Daredevil


Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA

More Belligerent ft Tom Sav, Twin Gambit & GQ Nothin Pretty (cuts by DJ TMB)
Gun Charge
Gun Charge (Clean)
Gun Charge (Instrumental)
Gun Charge (Acapella 130 BPM)
More Belligerent (Clean) ft Tom Sav, Twin Gambit & GQ Nothin Pretty (cuts by DJ TMB)
More Belligerent (Instrumental)


Quality: 320Kbps Location: USA

Belligerent ft Tom Sav, Twin Gambit & GQ Nothin Pretty (cuts by DJ TMB)
Belligerent [clean] ft Tom Sav, Twin Gambit & GQ Nothin Pretty (cuts by DJ TMB)
Belligerent [instrumental](cuts by DJ TMB)
Belligerent [accapella 87 BPM] ft Tom Sav, Twin Gambit & GQ Nothin Pretty

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