Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Kanibull (Intro)    
2. Bure Badman    
3. Basquiat    
4. Opera House Too ft Daniel Son    
5. St. Peter    
6. Van Damme (Interlude)    
7. Tuna Fish ft Rigz    
8. Polkaroo ft Asun Eastwood    
9. Anesthesia ft Daniel Son    
10. Close Your Eyes    
11. Cousin Judas

Quality: 320 kbps  –  Location: USA

1. First Copy Of The Presses ft Alyssa G (Produced By Snowgoons)    
2. The Warning Shot (Produced By Sean Strange)    
3. Still Urchin After All These Years (Produced By Sean Strange)    
4. 107th & Atlantic (Produced By Sentury Status)    
5. Legends Of The Scarface ft. Merkules (Produced By Sean Strange)
6. Rap Science (Produced By Erick Sermon & Rockwilder)    
7. ’95 Live (Produced By Sean Strange)    
8. Couples Therapy ft. Salome’ (Produced By Sean Strange & Salome’)
9. The Devil Is A Drug Addict (Produced By: Two-More)    
10. Love Me Now, Not Later (Produced By Sean Strange)    
11. Peppers & Eggs (Produced By Erick Sermon)    
12. Vial Caps ft Westside Gunn & Scott G (Produced By Sean Strange)    
13. Fuck You! (Produced By Sean Strange)    
14. The Nah Brothers ft. Corey Joseph & Stress (Produced By Sean Strange)  
15. Truth Or Dare ft. Salome’ (Produced By Aura Phi)    
16. Black Forest (Produced By Sean Strange)    
17. Bang Your Head (Produced By Sean Strange)

Quality: 320 kbps – Location: USA

1. Its a Sewa Side (feat. Cuts by DJ Slipwax)
2. Straight from the Sewa
3. Go Crazy (feat. Cuts by DJ Slipwax)
4. Sword Play (feat. Ghost of the Machine & D.O.S.)
5. M.K. Ultra (feat. Syre DedEye)
6. Sewa Side Bomb (feat. Cuts by DJ Slipwax)
7. Sewa Leak (feat. Prototype, Syre Dedeye & Ghost of the Machine)
8. Jane Doe (feat. Ghost of the Machine)
9. When Thugs Die (feat. Syre Dedeye)
10. The Strain (feat. D Rock & Cuts by DJ Slipwax)
11. Roc the Mic (feat. Prototype & Syre Dedeye)
12. Underground (feat. Syre Dedeye, Prototype & Cuts by DJ Slipwax)
13. The Darkness (feat. Lingo & Cuts by DJ Slipwax)
14. Faces of Death Remix (feat. Tyla Griz, Prototype, J-Trip, Milez Grimez & Cuts by DJ KB)

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