Quality: V0  –  Location: USA

1. Interview With DJ Soul – Intro – The 41st Side
2. Cardboard Box – Havoc/The Jakcal/Littles/Nature
3. It’s Serious – The 41st Side
4. Crush Linen – Lake
5. Pain – Noyd/A. Dog
6. Do My Thang – Killa Sha
7. Husslers N Gangstaz – Germ/Artillery
8. Take U Back – Bars N Hooks/Chinky/Don Alon
9. Bringing Me In – The 41st Side
10. Let ‘Em Hang – Nas/Lake/V-12
11. Voice Mail #1 – The 41st Side
12. Crazy 8’s – Littles/Wiz/Blitz/Jungle/Faul Monday/Germ/Lake/Prodigy
13. Why Y’all Wanna Play – Faul Monday/Mr. Chalise/Killa Sha
14. Voice Mail #2 – The 41st Side
15. Keep Doin’ U – Craig G/Voice
16. We Gon Buck – Noreaga/Lake/Capone/Cormega
17. Get Back – Prodigy/Ammo/Tragedy Khadafi
18. Right Or Wrong – Blitz/Lake
19. Voice Mail #3 – The 41st Side
20. 41st Side – Bigga Du/Fly Tye/Hooks/Don Alon
21. What I Live For – The 41st Side

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

01. Home By 8
02. Supreme
03. Think It Froo feat. Upfront, Bil Next, T-Vision, Res & Paro
04. Natural Born Killaz feat. Bil Next, Sirplus & Paro
05. Bang
06. 6 Rizla Spliff feat. MAB
07. Munchies feat. D.Green, Paro & Lowdose
08. Open Up (Interlude)
09. Open Up feat. Bil Next
10. Corleone’s Theme
11. Forever And Again feat. Jay Wilcox
12. Datavelli (Skit)
13. Bandito’s Pt. 2 feat. D.Green & Hozay
14. Family Fortunes

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Greece

1.Aggeloskoni (feat. Res One & Datkid)
2.Bris To Salonika
3.Echo Polla Mes Sto Myalo Mou
5.O, Ti Kai Na Ginei
6.Pes Mou Pos To Thes
7.Poniroi (feat. Detro)
9.Sto Pagkaki Volemenoi
10.To Psema Pou Fovountai (feat. Dpth & Razastarr)
11.Tora I Pote

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

01.Somedays (Prod.Benaddict)
02.Do All Remain Real ft.Benaddict (Prod.Saulthesame)
03.Crabman feat.Dirty Dike (Prod.Mr Slipz)
04.The Cobbler (Prod.Bo Bribery)
05.Sunken Eyes (Prod.Saulthesame)
06.Fool In Love feat. CW Jones (Prod.Blues)
07.Tell Me (Prod.Loupo)
08.The Old Ferryman Of Prickwillow Way
09.Foggy On Her Doorstep feat. Salmon Hands (Prod.Dustfingaz)
10.Safe And Sound – Maya Law & Allergy Kid (Harvs Refix)

Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1.The Living Infinite
2.I’m Not The One
3.Collapse (w. Chris Orrick + Oliver Sudden)
4.Truth Serum
5.That Noise
6.Approaching Land (w. Hemlock Ernst)
7.Questions (w. D.S. Sense + Mysdiggi)
8.Thin Comfort
9.My Love Is Away
10.Rising Water
11.The Payoff (w. Kopelli)
12.Holding It Up (w. Curt Cataract)

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