Location: USA

1.Greatness feat. Popa Wu
2.Burn It Down feat. Inspectah Deck
3.The Altar feat. Solomon Childs & Apreme
4.City of Ashes feat. Kinetic 9 & Lone Ninja
5.Black Heroin feat. Kevlaar 7, AMCR, & Da Flyy Hooligan
6.Inkubus feat. Young Dirty Bastard & WuZee
7.Mausoleum feat. Gatekeeper of Gravediggaz
8.Suicide Watch feat. Kevlaar 7 & Illah Dayz
9.Concrete Survival feat. Hell Razah, Jus-P, & Anthai
10.Soul Reaver feat. Bronze Nazareth, Hollow Christ, & White Lotus
11.The Heart feat. Solomon Childs & Brell Brayzn
12.Kevlaar Vest feat. Kevlaar 7 & Hollow Christ
13.Chief Leaf feat. Bronze Nazareth, Hollow Christ, White Lotus, & Sleep Sinatra

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