Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Even Heathens (Produced by Trilian)
2. Dead Brain (Produced by Spion Liape)
3. Spring Break In A Crackhouse (Produced by Darkocity)
4. The Devils Defects ft. Donnie Menace (Produced by Cotardz)
5. Flu-Like Symptoms (Produced by Trilian)
6. Lunch Money ft. Lord Goat (Produced by Lord Goat)
7. Rotten (Produced by Trilian)
8. Interludes (Interlude)
9. Granny Porn (Produced by Trilian)
10. My Life ft. Copywrite & Ren Thomas (Produced by Sultan Mir)
11. Obscenery (Produced by Trilian)
12. Evolved (Produced by Gwiggy)
13. Organ Harvest ft Dr. FowlMouf (Produced by Cotardz)
14. Druggies (Produced by Edd Bundy)
15. Chophouse ft. Dr. FowlMouf & Mage Mortician of Freewill (Produced by Trilian)
16. Dead Brain Remix (Produced by Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha)

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