Location: Canada

2.Hieroglyphics – The Who (MusoNi Remix)
3.Hieroglyphics – The Last One (BoFaat Remix)
4.Souls Of Mischief – Tour Stories (The SOULution & DJ GlibStylez Remix)
5.Souls Of Mischief – Unseen Hand (Dante Remix)
6.Opio – Mind, Body and Soul (Illdigger Remix)
7.Pep Love – Can’t Nobody Do It Like Us (Sqreeb Remix)
8.Tajai – Multiple Choice (KVNB Remix)
9.Del The Funky Homosapien- Funk Em (Kool Mat Remix)
10.Souls Of Mischief – 93 ‘til (Tone Spliff Remix)
11.Tajai feat Pep Love – Do Not Touch (LMN8 Remix)
12.Casual – Say That Then (MMX Remix)

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