Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

01. IntroDoomDaWiz and Cuban Pete
02. Funky Dope Producer -Doom Da Wiz
3. Da Formula03. DoomDaWiz ft. JaRajeem, Raw Deff and DJ Erex
04 A Few Of These Rappers-DoomDaWiz ft. The Good People
The Hellfire Club-DoomDaWiz ft. Shorty Sha, Nam Nitty, Will Mac and DJ Kool Nez
06. The BestDoomDaWiz ft. Ed OG, Marquee and Eldasensei
07. Listen Closely-DoomDaWiz ft.Learic, Raw Deff and DJ Erex
08. Get It-DoomDaWiz ft. JaRajeem and Joe Mack
09. Meet Will Mac-DoomDaWiz ft. Will Mac and DJ Erex
10.Glass Bubble-DoomDaWiz ft. Peter Sparker and Villa G
11. 413 (Everything Is Real In Da Field) -DoomDaWiz ft. LS Camp and JaRajeem
12. Hard – DoomDaWiz ft.Villa G and Mayhem
13.Disease – DoomDaWiz ft. Mike Malik and Will Mac
14. Fly Wit Da Spits – DoomDaWiz ft.LS Camp and JaRajeem
15. Look At This Nigga Here – DoomDaWiz ft. NDakut and DaCrooklynDodger –
16.Tear Da Roof Off – DoomDaWiz ft.Mikey D and Bad Seed
17. A Few Of These Rappers (The Good People Remix). – DoomDaWiz ft. The Good People – (Bonus Track)

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