Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. King Paimon’s Entrance
2. Roadside Burial
3. Lair of the Cenobites (feat. Donnie Menace & James Joyce)
4. Y.S.I.H.W.B.L. (feat. Scum)
5. Dirty Gloves
6. Cold Blood (feat. Shaw Monsta)
7. Memories of a Lost Soul
8. Devil in My Pen (feat. Smallz One & Damien Quinn)
9. Books of Blood
10. I’m Possessed
11. Hear No Evol
12. Before I Killed
13. Cold Blood (Shot Down Remix) [feat. Shaw Monsta]
14. Roadside Burial (Remix) [feat. Reznik & Scum]
15. Hunt (feat. M.M.M.F.D.)

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