Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Fall of AmeriKKa (feat. Gym Brown)
2. Angelic March (feat. Righteouz Knight, Gabriel Da Arch Angel & Bonez Da Ancient Wonda)
3. Battle Of The Mind (feat. Gabriel Da Arch Angel, Bonez Da Ancient Wonda & Righteouz Knight)
4. Cypher Lordz (feat. Danegurous, Darren G, Absoulut Karnage, Prime Prolifik, SubKonshis, Marcanum X, Big O, Vherbal & DJ Zashone)
5. Lucifer (feat. White Lion)
6. Tearz Of The Sacrificed (feat. Righteouz Knight, Bonez Da Ancient Wonda & Gabriel Da Arch Angel)
7. Set In Stone (feat. Sinnagi, DarkLife, O7, Knowledge Born & Nyraine)
8. We Been Came Up (feat. Johny Law, Gabriel Da Arch Angel & Nyraine)
9. Shadow Goons (feat. Danegurous, Absoulut Karnage, Prime Prolifik, Rich Mahagony, Marcanum X, SubKonshis, Big O, Darren G, S.I.T.H., Labal-S, Ixion Form & Vherbal)
10. Get It In (feat. Gym Brown)
11. iary Of A Nympho (feat. Lyrical Ruckus)
12. 7 Set (feat. DarkLife, Nyraine, Knowledge Born & O7)

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