Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

01. Magnetic Wisdom feat. DJ Kay Slay & Born King Mathematics Allah (prod. by Raz Fresco)
02. More Gold Pt. II (prod. by Raz Fresco)
03. Bubble Goose (prod. by Al Smith)
04. No Birth Record feat. Born King Mathematics Allah (prod. by Raz Fresco)
05. Asteroid M (prod. by Raz Fresco)
06. Habbakuk 3:6 (prod. by Sadhugold)
07. Who Found Neptune feat. Knowledge The Pirate (prod. by BriskInTheHouse)
08. Apple Sauce feat. Darkim Be Allah & Nowaah The Flood (prod. by DJ Re3ker)
09. Rubber Glove Love (prod. by Raz Fresco)
10. What’s Today’s Degree feat. Born Allah (prod. by Raz Fresco)
11. Holy Ghost (prod. by Raz Fresco)
12. 35 To 50 feat. Lord Fury (prod. by Raz Fresco)
13. M.G.T. And G.C.C. (14th Degree) feat. Natural Asiatic Jewel (prod. by Raz Fresco)
14. Huey Newton feat. Tragedy Khadafi (prod. by Raz Fresco)
15. Who Made The Calendar (prod. by The Architect)
16. Weapons Of Mass Distraction (prod. by Raz Fresco & DJ Re3ker)
17. Revelations 1:3 (prod. by Sadhugold)
18. Swam Across The Atlantic feat. Planet Asia (prod. by Raz Fresco)

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