Location: UK & Australia

1.Schemes 101 (Cuts by Stu The Don) [Produced by Figarate]
2.Pesticide (feat. Frogman & Bill Medley) [Produced by Figarate]
3.Grand Schemes (cuts by GhostNotes) [Produced by Figarate]
4.Ancient History (Cuts by Stu The Don) [Produced by Figarate]
5.Downtown Drift (Saxophone by Ryan D) [Produced by Figarate]
6.Syllabus 88 (cuts by DJ Ads) [Produced by Figarate]
7.The Section [Produced by Figarate]
8.Rhyme Lasagne (feat. Tenth Dan, Stu The Don, Jimmy Pike, Gilly Man Giro, KropsMan, Ryan D, Keggles & Mark Fear) [Produced by Figarate]
9.Once Again (Cuts by Stu The Don) [Produced by Figarate]
10.Alias (Only for Vinyl Pre-order BONUS) [Produced by Figarate]

Aussie MC Context associates with the UK producer Figarate to create Grand Schemes album collaborative. Feats of Frogman, Bill Medley, Tenth Dan, Jimmy Pike, Gilly Man Giro, Kropsman, Keggles & Mark Fear. Also appears Stu the Don, DJ Ads, GhostNotes for the cuts and Ryan D with the saxophone.The LP is available in digital and vinyl on their Bancamp.

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