Location: Brisbane, Australia

1.Super Soldiers
2.Fuck Your Crew
3.DJ Bongmouth
4.Step Back
5.Right Now
6.Shadow Clonez
7.Mesc Is In
8.Outshined You
9.Echo Chamber
10.Gonna Need An Army
11.Thought Criminals
12.The City
13.Why Won’t You Die
14.Break Free
17.Light & Dark
18.Story Time
20.Sick As Fuck
21.You Don’t Know
22.Panic Button

Check out the debut album from our brothers Syntrax Junkies. The album is produced by Estranged, Nerve, Joe Crooked & El Toro. Lyrics by Mesc, Jolly Rotten, Spekter, and Nerve. Cuts by Nerve, Estranged & Jonnhy Love.

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