USA – Philadelphia

1.For The Sake Of Progress (produced by Vitality and Undogmatic)
2.Ca Ira Un Temps (produced by Onse TSW, cuts by Benny Browncoat)
3.Dark Passenger (produced by Onse TSW)
4.Ouverture (produced by Rankeur)
5.Aucune Prophetie (produced by Vitality and Nameless)
6.Why Me? (produced by Onse TSW)
7.Ici Ou La (produced by Onse TSW)
8.Les Violons Amers (produced by Onse TSW)
9.Whistling Past The Graveyard (produced by Onse TSW, cuts by DJ Pervee)
10.Spine (produced by Darkside)
11.Disque Raye (produced by Onse TSW)

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