Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Spirit World (Ft. Okira Myth, Sol Omen)
2. Thou Art God (Ft. Skematics, Sean Price)
3. No Way (Ft. NYOIL, R2WICE)
4. Strangle Us (Ft. Paleskin, Victorious Vic Vega)
5. Modus Operandi (Ft. S.I.T.H.)
6. Lovely Pain (Ft. R2WICE)
7. Computer Glitches (Ft. Orko Eloheim, Self Jupiter)
8. Intermission w/ No Emotion (Ft. No Emotion)
9. We Are Not From Here (Ft. Myka 9)
10. Anti-Illuminati (Ft. Lord Lhus, iNTeLL)
11. Politix (Ft. Black Silver, Dregz Deuce)
12. Knights of the Templar Ft. Persons Unknown (Tha Conclusion, Avatar)
13. No Options (Ft. Gajah & Turtle)
14. nWo (Ft. Avatar , Victorious Vic Vega)
15. New Age (Ft. R2WICE)
16. Head Above The Water (Ft. Ceschi , iNTeLL)
17. Hallelujah (Ft. Reality)

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