Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. The Sleep Feat. Lord Goat
2. Little Miss Crime Scene
3. Lesson in Hard Core Lihc
4. Bleed On
5. Left Hand Path
6. Barf Simpson
7. Death Is the New Black Ditnb Feat Rotten, Manic
8. Cadava Savages
9. I Wanna Get Fucked up Tonight
10. Love & Terror
11. WreckGunEyes Feat Manic, Termanology
12. H.and S.Aw
13. River of Styxxx
14. All Minds Aligned (Black Candles)Feat Loknessa
15. Exile Citizen feat Brown Lucci
16. Practices of the Dark Arts
17. The Eulogy of Hooks and Status
18. Take Til You Die Feat Spencer Young
19. Three Death Mafia

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