Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Dungeon Dirt (feat. P-Ro & Tali Rodriguez)
2. Slippin’ (feat. Mayhem of EMS & Judge the Disciple)
3. Blue Chew (feat. Tali Rodriguez & P-Ro)
4. Impact Monitor (feat. Grimm, P-Ro, CM A.K.A. Creative & Tali Rodriguez)
5. Subjective Illness (feat. Tali Rodriguez & P-Ro)
6. Muse (feat. P-Ro, Slant Heddshotts & Grimm)
7. Just You (feat. P-Ro & Judge the Disciple)
8. Next Break Interlude (feat. Sant1)
9. The Process (feat. P-Ro & Tali Rodriguez)
10. Long Division (feat. INF Heddshotts, Slant Heddshotts, G Fam Black & Grimm)
11. Lab Test (feat. Grimm, Nonsense, P-Ro & Aztech from Hybrid Thoughts)
12. Marmalade (feat. P-Ro)
13. BBE (feat. Tali Rodriguez)
14. Asiago (feat. G Fam Black & Tali Rodriguez)
15. Wasabi (feat. Tali Rodriguez & P-Ro)
16. Apnea (feat. P-Ro, Judge the Disciple, Grimm & Tali Rodriguez)

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