Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Australia

01. Illuminate (The Ray Of Genesis)
02. 35121992119
03. RETROoper (feat. DJ Nick Toth)
04. A-Maze-in (feat. Turntablist Skizo)
05. Risk (feat. Star Kid & DJ Nick Toth)
06. The Course of the Coarse (feat. Bukue One, Sinus The Bad Child & Turntablist Skizo)
07. Livestylz (feat. DJ Rip One)
08. Martini Time (Recorded Live at The Hilton with a 3 Course Meal)
09. Senate Delegates (feat. Bukue One, Black Radical Mk II & Turntablist Skizo)
10. When Cureents Collide (feat. Sinus The Bad Child, Mr Clean, Wizdm, Moz – The King Fahruk on Bass & DJ Nick Toth)

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