Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Koi Intro   
2. Under Under (feat. Bravos Exodus, Elz Sinatra, Cliff Clavin & Louie Freelunches)   
3. The Beat Goes (feat. Awful P)   
4. That Saturday Session (feat. Father Focus Confucius, Rated R CNY, Ixion Form & DJ TMB)   
5. Crime de la Crime (feat. Julius Sleazer)   
6. Perdition (feat. Rated R CNY)   
7. Sanguin (feat. Cliff Clavin, Elz Sinatra & Ixion Form)   
8. The Time, the Place (feat. The Mighty Al Harden & Nico the Beast)   
9. Adobo Alley Cats (feat. Ixion Form, J.A.I. Pera, Hi Q, Dr Fowlmouf & Drew Dollars)   
10. Golden Era Goons (feat. INF, Psych, Ragnar Vallon, Coal Cash & DJ TMB)   
11. Ain’t Got No (feat. Jake Haw & Ixion Form)   
12. Face Full of Webo Rebels (feat. Ixion Form, Hi Q, Dr FowlMouf & I.N.F)

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