Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Intro   
2. One Nation   
3. Revive (feat. Paaul Gallucci)   
4. EJG (feat. Edo G & Get Em Gee)   
5. Walk in My Shoes   
6. Yoga Queen (feat. Paul Gallucci)   
7. If You Knew (feat. Mecca Cashier & Paul Gallucci)   
8. Pump Your Fist   
9. Immaculate Conception (feat. Paul Gallucci)   
10. African American (feat. Pain the Emcee)   
11. Freedom (feat. Paul Gallucci)   
12. Hands Out My Pockets   
13. OBC (feat. Billy Blade)   
14. Crooked Officer   
15. Visualising the Realism

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