Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Den Bo Wu (feat. Solomon Childs & Bronze Nazareth)   
2. Emergency (feat. Shabazz The Disciple)   
3. From the Guts (feat. Bronze Nazareth & Cappadonna)   
4. We Don’t Approve (feat. Jojo Pellegrino)   
5. Whenever I Ghost (feat. Shogun Assason)   
6. Banned from Every Party (feat. Hell Razah & Judah Priest)   
7. Good Guy, Bad Guy (feat. Solomon Childs, Rambunxious & THE GENIUS)   
8. Star Scream (feat. Shyheim)   
9. Heavy Artillery (feat. Timbo King)   
10. Entangled (feat. 9th Prince & Chief Kamachi)   
11. Myself I Can’t See (feat. Frukwan & Shabazz The Disciple)   
12. Unfinished Design (feat. Killah Priest)   
13. Den Bo Wu (Instrumental)   
14. Emergency (Instrumental)   
15. From the Guts (Instrumental)   
16. We Don’t Approve (Instrumental)   
17. Whenever I Ghost (Instrumental)   
18. Banned from Every Party (Instrumental)   
19. Good Guy, Bad Guy (Instrumental)   
20. Star Scream (Instrumental)   
21. Heavy Artillery (Instrumental)   
22. Entangled (Instrumental)   
23. Myself I Can’t See (Instrumental)   
24. Unfinished Design (Instrumental)

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