Location: USA

1.Same Hood. Blaq Poet (Feat Metta World Peace) -pd Nickel Plated
2.Street Tales. Comet- pd J Phaytul
3.Holding Back. Comet ( ft Blaq Poet BDvine Tragedy Khadafi)- pd B.Dvine
4.GimeWave. Ruin (ft Meyhem Lauren Buddy Leezle )-pd Ruler Why cuts by 7Ish
5.Freedom Of Speech. Mic Beatz (ft Blaq Poet)- pd Crown (Grim Reeperz)
6.We Some Mad Men. CrunchTymerz (ft Comet)- Pd Nickel Plated
7.Divine Revolution. Tragedy Khadafi (ft B. Dvine)- Pd B. Divine,Cuts by DJ Modesty
8.10 Dollar Lap Dances. Meyhem Lauren- pd Harry Fraud
9.Ways Of War. Blaq Poet (ft Ruste Juxx Shabaam Sahdeeq)-pd Nickel Plated
10.Thou Shalt Not Lie. J-Hood pd S.Geezy (GuddaGudda Diss)
11.Welcome Back.Blaq Poet (ft KL, Ty Nitty Scape Scrilla) pd Creative Innovators
12.Pack Work. Mic Handz (ft.Money Bag Majesty)-pd Dj Kid Cut
13.PRAY TO THE GUN – Comet -pd Nickel Plated
14.Give Up The Grams. Menace O.B.E.Z (ft. Da Sun Of Sam B Dvine)-pd B.Dvine
15.WildStyle. Nutso (ft Red Eye Comet)- Pd Diez Le Pro , Cuts by DJ Modesty
16.No Sleep. Nutso-pd Terminal Five
17.Every Penny. Scape Scrilla (ft.Lady Luck)-Fade Majah
18.American Dream. Nature-pd Bp
19.Certain Delegates. Spit Gemz- pd One-Take
20.Gotta Survive. D Flow ( ft Party Arty A G)-pd Fellony
21.To Whom It May Concern. Lord Nez (Ft Tommy Nova)-pd Hannibal King
22.Surrounded By Criminals. Thirstin Howl The 3rd-pd Anger Bangers
23.Day one Niggaz. Ty Nitty (ft Aura Blaq Poet Havoc)-pd Jordy Simmons

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