Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

1. Corpse Intro
2. Agro (feat. Ash the Author)
3. Stinkerlude
4. Snake Venom (feat. Tenchoo)
5. Out for the Count (feat. Oliver Rees)
6. Scally Wag
7. Drug Slur (feat. Strange Neighbour)
8. Any Style Killer (feat. Theme)
9. Crack Keys
10. Writers Block (feat. Reem Remi)
11. I Can’t Take It
12. Tabasco (feat. 4X4)
13. The Wake (feat. Joey Menza)
14. Witch Hunt (feat. Efeks, Tenchoo, Dr Voodoo)
15. PoserRap (feat. Tenchoo)
16. Corpse Outro

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