Location: USA

1.WuLords – Intro (Hip Hop Police)
2.WuLords – Mathematical
3.ETERNAL OF KILLA BEEZ Feat. Massacre – All About My Biz
4.DJ Flipcyide & P.I.L.L.S. – The Best Man prod. by L.O.B.
5.Shrine B – Came Up
6.Zagnif Nori – Starvation ft. Bronze Nazareth, Illah Dayz, Kevlaar 7 & Danamic
7.WuLords – 360 Farenheit
8.Dungeon Masta – RIP ODB
9.Dom Pachino – Rich in Respect
10.Hell Razah feat. White Shadow of Norway & Masta of Ceremoniez – Verbal Slaughter
11.WuLords – Shackles
12.Kenyattah Black feat. Bklyn Chance, Killah priest, Daz Dillinger, & Billy Danze – Ruler Steps Remix
13.Moon Crickets feat. Trinity Chris, Ras Demo & Phoenix – Change My Mind prod. by DJ Mercilless
14.Killah Priest, Vendetta Kingz feat. 60 Second Assassin – Forever Regime
15.iNTeLL – The Sequel (Ft Method Man) [Prod. By Su-Preme]
16.WuLords – Moonlight
17.Eggroll (Disciples of The Sick), Dr. Wahnsinn, MF-Pain prod. by Testloks – Warzone
18.Caper – Tiger Style
19.La The Darkman – Rap Poloticians (Ft. Black Thought)
20.DJ Flipcyide & Tahmell feat. Bars – I Still Love H.E.R. prod by Concious
21.Solomon Childs feat. Jus-P – Never Tell Me
22.TNT feat. Timbo-King & TEK – Brooklyn Bridge
23.WuLords – Wu Juice Outro produced by Sal Barz

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