Location: Belarus
1.Bravo (feat. 3irdRoc)
2.Out Of Breath (feat. Innersoul)
3.Some Other $hit (feat. Ichi Right & Obnoxioux)
4.Eye Rule, – Diamonds (feat. Eye Rule (R.I.P.)
5.D&D (feat. Damono & Dubble Up)
6.Terrible Bad Day (feat. Dumi Right)
7.Date Cuenta (feat. Subliminal Force & DJ Trec)
8.1 Life (feat. Absyrd)
9.Tragedy (feat. Six aka Uptown)
10.Cyndi Lauper (feat. Crisis Tha Sharpshooter)
11.Hands Up (feat. Dopamine Rush)
12.(Kick Back (Feet Up) (feat. Keenan Coke)
13.I’m Justa… (feat. Jakarri)
14.Bow Wow (feat. Chox-Mak)
15.Traccia Random (feat. Moicano MC & DJ Modesty)
16.Who You Think You Fuckin’ With (feat. Super King Armor)
17.Parties Over (feat. Dynamo-P)

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