Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Gotw Album Intro (feat. Bigg Benn)   
2. Lost Control   
3. Vh Entertainment (feat. Superstar Didi)   
4. Interlude   
5. Ny Vice (feat. Popa Wu, Jugga & Camille Marine)   
6. Good Love (feat. Superstar Didi, Mr. Cheeks & Camille Marine)   
7. Spoken Word   
8. Ghetto Paradise (feat. Big Noyd & Egg Nog)   
9. Ufo   
10. Back to the Boom Bap (feat. Papoose)   
11. 2 Step (feat. Superstar Didi)   
12. Alot of Money   
13. Graffiti On the Wall (Gotw) [feat. Superstar Didi]   
14. Word It and Rap It (feat. Young Dice)   
15. I’ll Take Her (feat. Shana Bias)   
16. Gotta Love It (feat. Infamous Mob (Godfather Pt. 3 & Twin Gambino)]   
17. World Premier   
18. Ghetto Metal (feat. Kool Aid & Mike Traxx)   
19. Gangster (feat. Blaq Poet & Camille Marine)   
20. Sounds Like the Mob (feat. Nature)   
21. I Cut Her   
22. Love in the Club (feat. Papoose, Superstar Didi & Cuts By the Legendary D.J. Grandmaster Vic)   
23. Mike On Rap Attack (feat. Mikey Dee)   
24. Gorilla’s Den (feat. Mikey Dee & Cuts By D.J. Modesty)   
25. Sir Juice   
26. Baisley Park   
27. I’m Ghost – I’m Out (Outro)

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