Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Title Theme feat. Sai Wai & According to Legends
2. Recollection
3. By the Way feat. According to Legends
4. Meanwhile (Search Party) Pt. 2 feat. Mega Ran & Kharisma
5. The Sandman feat. J-Mylez
6. Spray-Paint Bandits feat. Impermanence
7. Exposure feat. Impermanence & A.T.L.
8. Heroes of Polyphony feat. J-Mylez
9. Side Quest feat. Kharisma & Mega Ran
10. Inner Struggle feat. Mega Ran
11. Fall of the Sandman feat. Impermanence
12. The DJ Who Smelled of Sunflowers feat. A.T.L.
13. Legends of the Black Mic Pt. 2 feat. Mega Ran
14. Saving Point Pt. 3
15. Setting the Stage feat. Mega Ran & Impermanence
16. The Hip Hop Census feat. Kharisma, Impermanence & Mega Ran
17. Alternative Endings feat. Kharisma, Impermanence & Mega Ran

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