Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Australia

1. All In (Prod. Delicasteez)
2. Overgrown (Prod. Jippy)
3. Blood Poetry (Prod. Threatnique)
4. Calamity (Prod. Jippy)
5. Not A Word (Prod. Jippy)
6. OD (Prod. Threatnique)
7. Suburban Hermit (Prod. Jippy)
8. Incognito (Feat. Lord Lobe) (Prod. Flux Tha Cynic)
9. Grow (Prod. Mastah Melo)
10. Grievous (feat. Carlos The Jakl) (Prod. Carlos The Jakl)
11. Do This (Prod. Jippy)
12. Jippy (Prod. Jippy)
13. Disaster Prone (Prod. Jippy)
14. 1996 (Prod. Delicasteez)

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