Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: Australia

1. Black Mesa Inbound
2. Fool’s Gold (ft. Kings Konekted)
3. Biff Tannen (ft. Maundz)
4. Friendly Neighbourhood (ft. Adam Koots)
5. Five Pounds of Pressure (ft. Ciecmate)
6. Knowledge and Power (ft. Prospa)
7. Coz I Allowed It (ft. P-Link)
8. Time Will Tell (ft. Audacity)
9. Words Eternal (ft. Lazy Grey)
10. We Still Here (ft. Overproof Pete, Gaz Hazard, Bigfoot)
11. Cascade Effect (ft. Helen Earth, Shadz, D-Real)
12. Bitter End (ft. Sinks)

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