Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

01. Chuck Chillout Intro (feat. DJ Chuck Chillout)
02. Make It Anywhere (feat. Will Porter)
03. Behold (feat. Venge Millz)
04. I Can’t Talk (feat. Dane Uno & Kool Keith)
05. Supreme Gangster (feat. Supreme Jus)
06. Pass That Shit (feat. Dane Uno & Kool Keith)
07. I Rep NY (feat. Skanks The Rap Martyr, Poison Pen & Elgee)
08. Reach Out (feat. Darkim Allah)
09. I Miss You (feat. Petawane)
10. Back in the Days (feat. Will Porter, Lega Cee & Fel’on)
11. My Mind Right (feat. Will Porter)
12. Frankenstein Mafia (feat. Kool Keith)
13. NY Hardcore (feat. Immortal Technique, Poison Pen, Swave Sevah & Good Time Slim)
14. True Story (feat. Royal Flush, Neek Da Exotic & Percee P)
15. The Hunted (feat. Innocent Flow & Swave Sevah)
16. Hardest Niggaz (feat. Innocent Flow, Hoffa & Good Time Slim)
17. The Heist (feat. Will Porter, Lega Cee & Fel’on)
18. Too Raw (feat. Will Porter & Lil Fame)
19. Gangster Shit (feat. Will Porter, Lega Cee & Fel’on)
20. I Rep NY (Remix) (feat. Peter Gunz, Devastating Tito, Percee P, Almighty Raf & Grand Master Caz)

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