Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. Addiction, Death & Crime (Intro)
2. One of One
3. Ride Thru the Jungle (feat. Bozack Morris)
4. No Receipt, No Return (feat. Bozack Morris)
5. Black Mamba Venom (feat. Stu Bangas)
6. Money Outta the Ziplock (feat. Eddie Kaine & Vinyl Villain)
7. Killing Fields
8. Sunday at Dirty Diggs (feat. Eto & Dirty Diggs)
9. Had to Scheme (feat. Flee Lord)
10. I Pray (feat. Trox)
11. The War (feat. MAV)
12. Truth Be Told (feat. Stu Bangas)
13. Made My Grandmomma Cry
14. Who I Am (feat. Stu Bangas)

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