Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: USA

1. All City/Shadow Art (Intro) Feat. Shadow Magnetic
2. This Art Is Real
3. Hunger Games Feat. Supreme Cerebral x Lie Tha Larcen x Olde English
4. Masterpiece Disaster
5. Sean With The Pen Feat. Alphabetic
6. Star Lord/Peter Quill
7. Letter From Drago
8. The Mack’s Empress
9. Merks Art (Interlude) Feat. Merk
10. So Many Seasons Feat. Shadow Magnetic x Alphabetic
11. Rock It Science
12. Heroes Vs Villians Feat. Villian
13. Remember This Night Feat. Banish Habitual x WolfHeart
14. Visual Art (Outro)

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