Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

1. Belligerence (feat. Daniel Grymes)   
2. Infinity (feat. Noah Soundz, J-Eye, REP & DJ Jabbathakut)   
3. Political Documents (feat. Mecca Dawn)   
4. Return of the Virus (feat. Persistenc, Dogman, Jamica Monet & DJ TMB)   
5. Crawl (feat. Limitless)   
6. First Class (feat. S-Class)   
7. Race to Cloud Nine (feat. Truth)   
8. Groundbreaker (feat. Dr. Lekta & Blass 89)   
9. Wolf Bites the Boom Bap (feat. Noah Soundz, Mecca Dawn, Last Word & DJ Impact)   
10. Treasure City (feat. Mic & Universal)

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