Quality: 320 Kbps  –  Location: UK

1. Industrial Octopus
2. Jess Imagine (feat. Blue Buttonz)
3. Anonymous (feat. V.O. The Tunesmith)
4. The Ego Check
5. Jon Bones Jones
6. Gold Coast (feat. Vega & URG 7)
7. Marshall Vs Jess the Facts
8. Psychward (feat. The Mighty Paris)
9. Take It Back (feat. Asimoff & Ghetto Vadar)
10. Octopus Ink (feat. Bin Grim & a.C. The Program Director)
11. Gym Shoe Tenticals (feat. Tito Sanchez)
12. El Chapo
13. Backdoored (feat. Tito Sanchez)
14. Unseen Legion (feat. MC Prose, Tha E.M.S. & DJ Earl E)
15. Veronica Cazamel (feat. Blue Buttonz)
16. Turntablist (feat. DJ Jawa)
17. Let Em Have It (feat. Robson the Realtor)
18. ODD Ball (feat. Blue Buttonz)
19. Snakez (feat. Blue Buttonz)
20. Fashionably Late (feat. Asimoff, Jake Smith & the Mighty Paris)
21. Dr. Doom Thoughts
22. Tha Saga Continues
23. Grapevines (feat. The Mighty Paris)

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