Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Intro (Personality Disorder)
2. Acid Rain
3. Terminal Velocity (feat. Pythagoras the Praying Mantis & Tevin Sample)
4. Open Mic Surgery (feat. Sev Statik & Swinn Da Example) (Cuts By DJ Dap)
5. Dusty Diatribe (feat. UPoseIShoot)
6. Looking Forward To Death (feat. Tevin Sample)
7. Honor Among Poets (feat. Meganomix & UPoseIShoot)
8. Ying Yang (feat. Famine)
9. Mask On
10. The Hand Of God (feat. Gabriel Da Arch Angel)
11. The Beauty Of Suicide (feat. Lord Metatron & Zae Da Blacksmith)
12. Misunderstood (Interlude)
13. Wounded (Erido) (feat. Swinn Da Example, Gabriel Da Arch Angel & Tevin Sample)
14. Outro (Anachronizm)
15. Fallacy Of Christmas (Bonus Track)

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