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1. Intro
2. Thicker Than Water (feat. Lyrical Ruckus, Gabriel Da Arch Angel, Infinite7Mind & White Lion)
3. Angel Arm (feat. Infinite7Mind, Jesse James, Johny Law & Lyrical Ruckus)
4. La Familia (feat. Lyrical Ruckus, Gabriel Da Arch Angel, White Lion, Infinite7Mind, Redline & Waterz)
5. U.N.I. City (feat. Infinite7Mind, Bless One & Gym Brown)
6. Gunslingaz (feat. Jesse James, War Scientist & Johny Law)
7. Set It Off (feat. Lyrical Ruckus, Infinite7Mind & Gabriel Da Arch Angel)
8. H.B.J. Form (feat. Neture, Lyrical Ruckus & Jesse James)
9. The Darkness Struggle (feat. White Lion, Jesse James, Johny Law & Lyrical Ruckus)
10. Runaway Trains (feat. Jesse James & Ironik)
11. Angelic Royalty (feat. White Lion, Gabriel Da Arch Angel, Bless One, Lyrical Ruckus, War Scientist & Infinite7Mind)
12. Defcon V (feat. Gabriel Da Arch Angel, Lyrical Ruckus, Masta Mentor, Bless One, Killamind Blades & Johny Law)
13. Conspiracy Theory (feat. Infinite7Mind, Bless One & White Lion)
14. Holy Trinity (feat. Infinite7Mind, Gabriel Da Arch Angel & Azigalaw)
15. The Perfect Storm (feat. Infinite7Mind, Gym Brown, Masta Mentor, Azigalaw & Gabriel Da Arch Angel)
16. Last Trumpet (feat. Gym Brown, Conquest, Lyrical Ruckus, Neture, Waterz, Killamind Blades & Truji)
17. Infinite Ammo (feat. Azigalaw, War Scientist, Gym Brown, Camino Solo, Silencyo, Jesse James & Truji)
18. Instruments Of Warfare (feat. Poet P., Neture, Conquest, Johny Law, Masta Mentor, Cadena, Luchiano, Gabriel Da Arch Angel & Killamind Blades)
19. 2nd Comin’ (feat. Pan Redd, Truji, Conquest, Poet P. & Gabriel Da Arch Angel)
20. Brothers In Arms (feat. Neture, Infinite7Mind, Lyrical Ruckus, Jesse James, White Lion, Bless One & Gabriel Da Arch Angel)
21. Lost Scrolls [Bonus Track] (feat. Jesse James, Neture, Lyrical Ruckus, White Lion, Infinite7Mind, Bless One & Gabriel Da Arch Angel)

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