Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Netherlands

1. Honesty (Ft. Tha Soloist)
2. Family First (Ft. Rated R, Ragnar Vallon & ILLtemper)
3. Special Agents (Ft. Antony of Egypt, HDMC, LDB & Ajax)
4. Bad Habits (Ft. Blazy)
5. Centre Of The Flames (Ft. Dylan James, Burn Herm & Brother Lynx)
6. Die Slowly (Ft. Silentmind, I.N.F. & Fubar)
7. Elephant Gun (Ft. Mickey Boston)
8. A Pirate’s Life (Ft. Majesty & Julius Sleazer)
9. Madness Relived (Ft. Skull Bludgeon & Hobs)
10. Make The Sun Shine (Ft. Banish Habitual & Skrewtape)
11. Pray For Em’ (Ft. Slant Heddshotts)
12. Sledgehammer (Ft. Creyesis)
13. Roar Rap (Ft. QC)
14. Farewell (Ft. SpiderdaGod)
15. Insult To Injury (Ft. White Cheddar, Omega Quez, James Joyce & Donnie Menace) [Cuts by DJ Dent One]
16. Kindness For Weakness (Ft. Chi Money)
17. Hold It Close (Ft. G.S. Advance)
18. Step Away From Here (Ft. Semantix Tha Sorcera)
19. Sunfall (Ft. Burn Herm, Eclyse & ILLtemper)
20. Rush (Ft. Neighborhood Creeps)

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