Quality: 320Kbps – Location: UK

1. The Opus   
2. 100 Daggers (feat. Da Flyy Hooligan, Phybaoptikz)   
3. Let It Go   
4. The Specialists (feat. Phybaoptikz)   
5. Danger   
6. Finer Cloth (feat. Ric Branson)   
7. Death Wrote   
8. Imagine That (feat. Smoovth)   
9. Keeping up with the Joneses (feat. The Jones Bros)   
10. The Science   
11. Naming Names (feat. Juga-Naut)   
12. Verbatim (feat. Sonny Jim, Phybaoptikz)   
13. On the Run (feat. Napoleon Da Legend)   
14. Midnight (feat. Jehst, Confucius Mc)   
15. Gauntlet (feat. Da Flyy Hooligan)   
16. Another Day

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