Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Netherlands

1. C.W.D.G.(intro)
2. OX Blood (feat. Ciphurphace)
3. Stir Crazy (feat. Kool Taj the Gr8)
4. Craft on Horizon (feat. Shut Eye Horizon)
5. Harry Callahan (feat. Vic Monroe)
6. THE Livest (feat. Eods)
7. Limitless (feat. Eddie Brock661 & Lightbourne)
8. Troubled (feat. Rude D)
9. Garcia Vega (feat. Milano Constantine)
10. Russian Roulette (feat. Ren Thomas)
11. Shoot the Messenger (feat. Pawz One)
12. IT’s on NOW (feat. Fortunato)
13. C.W.D.G. Outro (feat. Skryp)

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