Quality: 320Kbps – Location: UK

1. Welcome to Briatin (Instrumental)
2. Live like legends (Instrumental)
3. Lets Get Started (Instrumenatl)
4. Reminisce This (Instrumental)
5. Live Life Love (Instrumental)
6. Keeponya (Instrumental)
7. You Wan It We Got It (Instrumental)
8. Escape The Hangmans Noose (Instrumental)
9. Notts Deep Speech (Instrumental)
10. Grasshopper (Instrumental)
11. Call The Best (Instrumental)
12. Ghostly (Instrumental)
13. Dirty Danglin Sorrow (Instrumental)
14. Standards Of Master (Instrumental)
15. Didnt Expect It (Instrumental)
16. Scales Of Evolution (Instrumental)
17. Vaporising Vocals (Instrumental)
18. Dont You Follow Me Home (Instrumental)

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