Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Intro
2. Welcome to Alcatraz
3. Whoops I’m an Indian Ft. The Professional & Skarekrow
4. Green Lantern Reservior District Ft. The Professional
5. LA Shipwreck Patriot
6. Cold American Beach Ft. The Professional
7. Smoke a Donut & Eat a Cigarette (Original Version)
8. Horror Theatrical Palace Ft. The Professional, Vulgar & Anti The Decimator
9. Warghost Expandition Ft. Skarekrow
10. Unpleasant As It Seems Ft. The Professional & Vulgar
11. Freestyle Flows Feat Vulgar and Skarekrow
12. Razor and a Bat Ft. Vulgar & Skarekrow
13. Warriors on The Hillside Ft. Vulgar & Skarekrow
14. Escape from Alcatraz (Off the Top)

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