Quality: 320Kbps – Location: Netherlands

1. Truffelistic (Intro)   
2. The Bellringer (feat. Veks)   
3. Discover (feat. Malev Da Shinobi)   
4. Code of Violence (feat. Mad Rev)   
5. Enter in the Realm (Interlude)   
6. Watch Out (feat. Ellmatic)   
7. Don’t Front, Pt.2 (Skit)   
8. Knock ‘Em Off (feat. Jmega The God & Corto Maltez)   
9. Bionic Muscle   
10. I Smoke the Blunt (Interlude)   
11. Till I’m Satisfied (feat. Mad Rev & Ellmatic)   
12. Wrong Impression   
13. At the Pinnacle (feat. Self The Bluest Eye)   
14. Truffel’s Therapy (Skit)   
15. It’s Like That (feat. Ellmatic & Blabbermouf)   
16. Bionic Muscle (Remix) (feat. Prince Po & Blabbermouf)   
17. Blunted (Bonus Beat)

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