Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Boom Box Bastards Intro (Feat. Bz Da God & The Wrath)
2. Carry The Weight (Feat. Isis The savior, Tex Luciano, Prinx Mikul & Vegga)
3. Do You (Feat. DV Alias ​​Khryst)
4. Groupie Amor (Feat. Bizarre & J.McFly)
5. Sofritos (Feat. Zeps)
6. Bad Animals (Feat. Solomon Childs, Skrewtape & Venomous 2000)
7. Skyskrapers (Feat. Verbal Kent, Spaceman Jones & Grand Architect)
8. Sounds Of Graffiti (Feat. Samo Gonzo Aka The Wraith)
9. Wildside (Feat. Songod Colest & Prime Of Molemen)
10. Murdamouth (Feat. Ultimate Ultra, Bloody Monk Consortium, Laba y Leeroy Destroy)
11. Roman Candles (Feat. C Rayz Walz, Gravity Aka Big Poppa Pill y Alice The Goon)
12. ¿Puedes creerlo?Noyz Denali)
13. Recuerdo (Feat. Grand Daddy Trigg)
14. Trampas de Boobie (Feat. Illogic)
15. Hacia la cima (Feat. Team Konquest, Verseborn & Wreck The Rebel)
16. Dame una pequeña esperanza (Feat. Prinx Mikul & Phillies Blunt) (Remix)
17. Popcorn N Porn (Feat. Geechi Suede)

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