Quality: 320Kbps – Location: USA

1. Underground (feat. I.N.F, Chief Kamachi, Words & Hush Harding)   
2. This Time (feat. Damo)   
3. Die Alone (feat. Rite Hook)   
4. Hush (feat. G Mo Skee)   
5. What You Say (feat. I.N.F & Lateb)   
6. The Archfiend (feat. Guilty Smiles)   
7. Blood Merchants (feat. Gore Elohim & Benihana Kenobi)   
8. Daggers (feat. Nomad & Thoughtz)   
9. The Immoral Immortal (feat. Klive Kraven)   
10. Heartless (feat. Guilty Smiles)   
11. This means war (feat. Doc Voodoo & Absoulut Karnage)   
12. Triumph (feat. Cheap Sober)   
13. I Need Help (feat. Klive Kraven)   
14. You Dont Wana Play (feat. Ce Sektion & Absyrd)   
15. The Gatekeepers (feat. Chryptik & Saurus K)   
16. The Masterplan (feat. Coal Cash Of Dead Rabbits & Thoughtz)   
17. Crash (feat. Cheap Sober)   
18. This For Yall (feat. Lord Lhus & Scykotikz)   
19. Soul Quest (feat. Sunny Darko)   
20. 302 (feat. Thoughtz)

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